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The National Award of Merit is for individuals outside of Boys & Girls Clubs who have provided outstanding support to a Club or to the Movement (ex: U.S. military representative)

The National Award of Merit is presented as an antique silver medal on a gold grosgrain neck ribbon with a personalized certificate.

The National Award of Merit may be awarded by a regional vice president to any individual or group for support of a Boys & Girls Club of America's affiliated organization. Although not a board volunteer or Boys & Girls Club worker, the individual or group(s) recognized will have rendered exceptional service of significance in promoting the principles of the Boys & Girls Club Movement to other agencies and/or to the general public. Recipients of this award will have served as leaders in interpreting and promoting Boys & Girls Club programs to others or will have rendered professional, consultative or financial support to a Club or organization in the Movement.

The involvement of the individual or group must be sustained and must involve an unusual amount of time.


Nominations for the National Award of Merit may be made by any individual, Boys & Girls club of Area Council. A narrative nomination should be submitted for review to the National Awards Committee.


You will receive a link to print your certificate online after submitting your nomination, and you can order your pin and medallion for a fee from the BGCA estore. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


It is recommended that a National Award of Merit be presented at an Area Council dinner, Leadership Conference, Club annual meeting or on a special occasion planned for this purpose.

A National Award of Merit may be presented by members of the national staff, members of the National Awards Committee, National Area Council Committee members, members of the National Board of Governors or trustees, Area Council Chairpersons and other individuals so authorized by Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The National Service Recognition Award may be presented posthumously, up to one year after the death of an individual being recognized.

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