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The National Bronze Medallion is for board members who have provided exceptionally devoted and exemplary service to a Boys & Girls Club. 

The National Bronze Medallion bears the inscription "For unusually devoted service to boys and girls". The award is presented as an antique copper medal on a green grosgrain neck ribbon with a personalized certificate. A lapel pin representing a replica of the medal is presented for daily wear.

To be eligible for the National Medallion, an individual must have been an unusually interested and active member of your board of directors or unusually active as a member of an organization created specifically for the promotion and assistance of Boys & Girls Clubs. The service must be greater than that rendered by other members of your board or organization over a period of time. Evidence of such service may be: faithful attendance at meetings, service on committees, leadership and unusual effort in the development of programs and projects, unusual efforts in raising funds and unusual effort in interpreting and promoting the work of your Club.


Nominations for the National Medallion may be made by any individual, Boys & Girls Club or Area Council. Nominations. Nominations are not given consideration unless full and complete information regarding years of service and the SPECIFIC service rendered by the candidate has been supplied.

A member organization cannot have more than ONE nomination in any ONE year approved for the Medallion. A Boys & Girls Club must have been a member organization of Boys & Girls Clubs of America for at least two, preferably three, years for any of its board volunteers to be eligible for this award. A nominee must have served as a board volunteer or member of an appropriate organization at your Boys & Girls Club for at least two, preferably three, years to be eligible for consideration for the Boys & Girls Club Medallion.


You will receive a link to print your certificate online after submitting your nomination, and you can order your pin and medallion for a fee from the BGCA estore. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


It is recommended that awards be presented at Area Council dinners, annual meetings or on special occasions planned for this purpose. The total number of National Service Recognition Awards to be presented at any given function should be carefully reviewed by each Boys & Girls Club organization in order to maintain the dignity of each award.

A minimum of two years must elapse before an individual who receives a National Medallion is eligible for a higher award.

The National Medallion may be awarded posthumously up to one year after the death of the individual being recognized.

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