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The Online Charter & SOSSAF* System allows Club users to complete new charter applications or updates to current sites chartered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The submissions can be saved and returned to at any step in the process.   

*Status of Service Site Action Form

Membership Applications

You have acquired a facility, hired staff and are serving youth in your community. The next step? Applying for membership in the Movement. Complete a new application to launch a new organization, or add a new site to an existing organization.

Changes to an existing Organization, Unit, Extension, or Community Impact Program

If you need to make changes to an existing site (closure, name change, site location change, etc.), complete a Current Site Update (SOSSAF) with the required forms to complete the action(s) requested. 

What Documents are Required?

View the additional documents required for each type of submission

Electronic Approvals

Both CEO and Board Chair for the organization will be asked to review and approve the submission. The submission point of contact will enter each individual's name and email address for an approval email to be sent. The submission will not be reviewed by Boys & Girls Clubs of America until both electronic approvals have been received. 


Need help or have questions while completing a submission? Contact your organization's Club Support Specialist at any time for assistance. You can also call one of the service center main lines to reach the first available Club Support Specialist for assistance. 

Atlanta Service Center: 404-892-3317

Chicago Service Center: 847-490-5220

Dallas Service Center: 972-581-2360